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In this feasibility study, 58 patients with triple negative (43%) and HER2+ (57%) breast cancer received neoadjuvant chemoradiation prior to surgery. The radiation was 40.5 Gy in 15 fractions to the whole breast plus regional nodes when indicated with a simultaneous boost of 54 Gy to gross tumor as defined on PET-sim, and it was all delivered during the first 3 weeks of standard systemic therapy. The rate of acute grade 3 skin toxicity was 8.6%. A pathologic complete response was achieved in 71% of triple-negative and 53% of HER2+ cases. As expected, pathologic complete response was more likely in HER2+/ER− tumors (64%) than HER2+/ER+ (luminal B) tumors (48%). These numbers are promising enough to further explore this sequencing, particularly to avoid long post-treatment delays prior to reconstruction. | ​​Ciérvide, Cancers (Basel) 2022


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