A long organ.

And by long, we mean a long time can be spent contouring the 15+ feet of bowel during highly-conformal radiation planning. Is that really the best use of MD time? According to most residency programs, yes, but that’s because the more hours you work the lower your hourly wage. In the real world, the answer is usually no, and unfortunately auto-contouring isn’t yet up to snuff on this serpentine structure. Who does that leave drawing pesky organs-at-risk (OAR)? Dosimetrists or anatomists. That’s right, this prospective study analyzed the utility of adding a radiation anatomist to the team. Across 249 cases, OAR quality was graded by the planning dosimetrist as slightly better when done by anatomists versus physicians, particularly GI cases. Time from simulation to physician contour-approval was also reduced by a day. We see a future where anatomy majors finally jump on the WFH bandwagon to Netflix and contour outsourced OAR volumes when practices get jammed up. | Zhang, Adv Radiat Oncol 2022


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