Resistance reversal.

What’s the best course for metastatic non-small cell lung cancer oligoprogressive on immunotherapy? CURB indicates that ablative radiation to said oliogprogression should certainly be in the mix. This case report details the prolonged disease control—dare we use the “c” word?—achieved for a patient who received ablative radiation in 2015 to a single site of progressive disease in the left adrenal gland one year into nivolumab therapy. Nivolumab was continued for three more years with stable scans until the med onc finally decided to see what would happen with nothing. Well, nothing happened with nothing. This led to lots of fun postulations on just how long a patient should remain on immune checkpoint inhibition through stable disease and just how synergistic radiation to oligomets can be in this setting. | Sotelo, J Cancer Res Ther 2022


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