Catching on.

In this phase 1 study, 12 children with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) were infused with an oncolytic adenovirus (DNX-2401) through the cerebellar peduncle into the pons. Most (11 of 12) then received radiation therapy at physician discretion. Viral infusion prior to radiation was feasible and relatively safe, although two patients developed either hemiparesis or tetraparesis. Median survival was 17.8 months with 9 having a measurable reduction in tumor size and 3 having partial responses (≥25% reduction). Overall, 11 of 12 patients had response or stable disease. Granted almost all the patients had radiation, so it’s hard to say what proportion of response was attributable to viral therapy. | Perez-Larraya, N Engl J Med 2022


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