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Patients with higher PD-L1 expression derive greater benefit from immunotherapy. So, how does that affect patients with stage III NSCLC receiving maintenance immunotherapy? This study determined PD-L1 expression for 312 patients with stage III NSCLC treated with chemoradiation and adjuvant durvalumab in the VA Health System. As a continuous variable, PD-L1 expression was associated with better progression free survival and overall survival. PD-L1 expression was <1% in 35%, 1-49% in 31%, and >49% in 34% of patients. Among those groups, 2-year PFS was higher with increasing PD-L1: 29% v 44% v 58%), however differences in overall survival weren’t significant (54% v 56% v 73%). Compared to patients treated in the pre-PACIFIC era, those with PD-L1 >1% derived a PFS benefit and those with PD-L1 >49% derived a survival benefit. | Bryant, Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2022


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