A trio of strategies.

The Trio Study suggested performing both MRI-guided and systematic 12-core biopsies was the most surefire way to detect grade group 2+ (aka clinically significant) prostate cancer. But ouch. This secondary analysis asks if PI-RADS classification can help identify folks who can safely forgo one or the other. It turns out, men with PI-RADS 5 do well with targeted biopsies alone and those with PI-RADS 2 do fine with 12-core alone. The combined approach only added significantly to those in the middle with PI-RADS 3-4 lesions. For example, among the 239 men with PI-RADS 5 lesions, 83% had clinically significant cancers, 97% of which were detected on targeted biopsy alone. | Ahdoot, Eur Urol 2022


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