Pembro for us II.

Pembrolizumab improves survival in patients with advanced melanoma, and it improves recurrence-free survival (RFS) for stage III melanoma. Stage IIB and IIC melanoma consists of T3b (>2-4mm thick with ulceration) through T4 (>4mm thick +/- ulceration), N0 disease. In KEYNOTE-716, 976 patients with completely resected stage IIB-IIC disease and negative sentinel nodes were randomized to receive 1 year of pembrolizumab or placebo. At second interim analysis and a median follow-up of 20.9 months, 1 year of maintenance pembro significantly improved the rate of RFS by 9% from 76% to 85%. There were very few deaths (n=5) at this point in follow-up, but as an interesting side note, 2 of those deaths (40%) were from COVID-19 pneumonia. | Luke, Lancet 2022


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