Chemoradiation followed by adjuvant durvalumab is standard of care for stage III NSCLC based on the PACIFIC trial. Data from the PACIFIC trial provides important information for counseling patients about treatment outcomes. Here are 5-year results from PACIFIC. Median OS was 47.5 months with durvalumab compared to 29.1 months with placebo, and 5-year overall survival was 42.9% v 33.4%. Median PFS was 16.9 v 5.6 months, and 5-year PFS was 33.1% v 19%. Fewer patients developed new lesions on durvalumab (24.2% v 33.3%), and response rate was higher (29.8% v 18.3%). Multivariable analysis showed that age <65, non-squamous histology, performance status 0, and Asian race were prognostic of survival. | Spigel, J Clin Oncol 2022


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