Infection versus injection.

Supporting an oft-cited Israeli study preceding it, a new CDC study reports, in the first full week of October (aka the Delta Era), when compared to unvaccinated New Yorkers with no prior infection, New Yorkers who were both vaccinated and had a prior infection were roughly 20x less likely to acquire a new infection, those who were unvaccinated with prior infection were 15x less likely, and those who were vaccinated with no prior infection were 4.5x less likely. The most important things to remember here are, while it is certainly silly to ignore the concept of convalescent immunity, all immunity appears to wane over time and boosting immunity via injection is typically safer than via infection. Could a recent inadvertent infection serve in place of a booster vaccine dose? Theoretically. Granted, on par for a pandemic with a rapidly changing landscape, it’s uncertain how much of this data applies to Omicron. | CDC 2022


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