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Cover to cover.

Young and dense.

Self assessment.

The gift of Gaba?

Just for him.

Over the counter.

Five is alive.

First rule of real estate.

Calling it quits.

No regrets.

Get down low.

Not living up to the hype.

Chest bump.

Putting radiation first.

Call to join the AMA.

Before and after.

Little pharma.


High and inside.

Nadir later.

Model fit.

Meta palliation.


Tight fit.

Neuro status.

Age is more than a number.

Drop it like it’s hot.

Large and in charge.

Bargain bin.


BED-side manner.

Salvage a win,

No lung left behind.

Low and slow.

The waiting game.

Race for the cure.

Early detection.

It puts the active in active surveillance.

Let’s talk cost effectiveness.

Triple down.

The Five.

Small victories.

Grade promotion.