Respected voices are calling for action from rad onc leadership far and wide. While platitudes are great, here are some recommended action items to address waning interest in the field. Starting at the top, ASTRO should hire an outside objective third-party agency to conduct a formalized data-driven assessment of the job market in order to both better understand the problem and do so in a way that won’t appear to simply be a ploy to hike wages. Less novel, if not less popular, the ABR should consolidate tests and stop the madness of four separate high-stakes board exams spanning years. Third, academic chairs and program directors should unify to contract residency positions and normalize not using the SOAP. Finally, all of us should come together to harness “intellectual agility to find creative solutions and abandon outmoded dogmas when appropriate.” Forever and ever amen. | Fields & Kavanagh, Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2021


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