Hot take.

This pragmatic review explores the unique peculiarities and pitfalls of the three most commonly used PET-tracers for prostate cancer: choline, fluciclovine, and PSMA. For example, increased choline uptake is seen with acute inflammatory processes, such as diffuse thyroid uptake in a case of thyroiditis. Increased fluciclovine uptake is seen with more chronic inflammatory processes such as BPH and with benign tumors like pituitary and adrenal adenomas. Physiologic PSMA uptake is seen in ganglia leading to increased uptake in benign CNS tumors like meningiomas and schwannomas, not to mention its notorious uptake with osteoblastic activity like at sites of arthritis or fracture. This is one you’re going to want to just file away for reference of its many illustrative imaging examples. | Mei, Semin Nucl Med 2021


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