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It’s been feared for some time now that free market forces aren’t at play when contouring normal structures is on the line. This simple yet startling analysis of the 2020 residency match reveals there were only 128 MD (n=122) and DO (n=6) applicants for 189 available radiation oncology positions nationwide, representing a larger drop in applications from the previous decade (down 31%) than seen in any other specialty. Unsurprisingly, rather than using this as a natural correction to a dwindling job market, two-thirds of initially unfilled positions were filled via SOAP making rad onc the SOAPiest specialty by far with 15% of the entering 2025 class making this career decision in the matter of hours. To put this in perspective, the median across all other classes is 0.9% entering via SOAP.  | Goodman, Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys


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