Cutaneous angiosarcomas are serious business and often very challenging to treat locally due to insidious spread. Here is a retrospective look at outcomes for all patients definitively treated for cutaneous angiosarcoma at Wash U and Vanderbilt between 2008-2018. Chemoradiation (CRT) was delivered to 22 of 57 patients (39%) and consisted of weekly paclitaxel for up to 12 weeks with concurrent conventionally-fractionated radiation during the final 6 weeks. Virtually all in the other cohort received surgery, while 40% in the CRT group underwent resection. And before you cry selection bias, the CRT group was significantly older and had larger tumors. Nonetheless, they experienced significantly longer survival times than those not receiving CRT (94% versus 72%, respectively). TBL: This hypothesis-generating data has led to an ongoing phase 2 trial of upfront weekly paclitaxel x 12 weeks with radiation in the final 6 weeks followed by surgery when feasible. | Roy, Clin Transl Radiat Oncol 2021


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