Take 5.

Who doesn’t love a vague dose range in treatment guidelines? To help us nail down the most appropriate radiation dose for elective pelvic nodes when treating locally-advanced cervical cancer, a secondary analysis of EMBRACE I reveals grade 2+ diarrhea at 3 years doubles from <10% to 20% with 45 Gy versus 50 Gy, respectively. Restricting the volume receiving at least 43 Gy to <2500 cc and the volume receiving at least 57 Gy (in the setting of boosting gross nodes) to <165 cc also emerged as helpful constraints. TBL: There’s good clinical data to limit the elective nodal dose to 45 Gy for advanced cervical cancer in order to minimize risk for long term diarrhea. | Jensen, Int J Radiat Oncol BIol Phys 2020


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