Population studies have suggested that statins may be associated with decreased mortality in men treated for prostate cancer. But they’ve also struggled to demonstrate a causal relationship. Here’s a secondary analysis of the PR.7 trial of continuous versus intermittent ADT for men with biochemical recurrence after radiation. Just under half (43%) of men were statin users. Over a median follow-up of 6.9 years, statin use was associated with a lower risk of both overall and prostate cancer-specific mortality. Though not significant, they also had a slightly longer time to castration resistance and a slightly longer time off ADT when receiving intermittent treatment. So, are we seeing a therapeutic effect or confounding biases that cannot be adequately accounted for in retrospective analyses? TBL: Statin use in men receiving ADT for biochemical recurrence is associated with lower overall and prostate cancer specific mortality. | Hamilton, Eur Urol 2020


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