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Top Line: Does laparoscopic gastrectomy reduce hospital stay for western patients with resectable gastric cancer?

The Study: The Dutch TIME trial helped establish that using a minimally invasive technique may improve post-operative outcomes for patients undergoing esophagectomy. However, these outcomes did not translate to real-world outcomes when put into routine practice. The Dutch LOGICA trial sought to determine if laparoscopic gastrectomy would shorten hospital stays and improve post-operative outcomes for patients with resectable gastric cancer. This question has been asked by randomized trials in China, Japan, and Korea that showed similar oncologic outcomes. However, westen data is more limited. In LOGICA, over 200 patients were randomized to open versus laparoscopic gastrectomy, and >⅔ in each arm received neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Both techniques yielded similar numbers of nodes (median 29) and similar R0 resection rates (95%). Ultimately, there was no difference in the median hospital stay of 7 days, nor in the rates of post-op complications, in-hospital mortality, or 30-day mortality.

TBL: Laparoscopic gastrectomy did not reduce hospitalization or post-operative outcomes in western patients with resectable gastric cancer. | van der Veen, J Clin Oncol 2021


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