The real deal.

We know the quadrivalent HPV vaccine effectively prevents HPV infections, so common sense tells us it will also effectively prevent all the downstream effects of persistent HPV infections. For the data purists among us, we now have a massive Swedish registry study with large-scale, real-world outcomes. Among over 1.6 million women ages 10-30 receiving the vaccine between 2006-2017, the incidences of  cervical cancer were 47 and 94 per 100,00 women with and without the vaccine, respectively. Once adjusting for available variables, the incidence rate ratio was even more impressive: 0.47 for those vaccinated between ages 17-30 and 0.12 when vaccinated prior to age 17. TBL: The first data of its kind confirms the quadrivalent HPV vaccine is extremely effective at preventing cervical cancer, particularly when administered prior to age 17. | Lei, N Eng J Med 2020


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