Salvaged results.

Also published this week were the results of the above-mentioned GETUG AFU-17. It recruited over 400 men with pT3a-4a, node negative prostate cancer and positive surgical margins. They were randomized to immediate adjuvant radiation or salvage radiation at the time of biochemical recurrence (PSA ≥ 0.2). Patients in both arms received radiation to the prostate fossa only and also received 6 months of ADT. Only 424 of a planned 718 patients were enrolled as the trial was terminated early due to an unexpectedly low rate of events. In the salvage arm, 54% had received radiation at the time of this analysis. Remembering there weren’t sufficient events and the trial was terminated early, there was no difference in the 5-year EFS rate with adjuvant RT (92 vs 90%). Men in the adjuvant arm had significantly higher rates of late grade 2+ GU toxicity and erectile dysfunction. TBL: Early salvage radiation after prostatectomy spares many men from additional treatment without significantly impacting the risk of prostate cancer events over 5 years. | Sargos, Lancet Oncol 2020


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