More and more data is supporting newer stereotactic body radiation (SBRT) techniques as a promising treatment alternative for advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC), challenging the long held notion that RCC is an irreparably “radioresistant” disease. Here’s a multi-institutional retrospective look at SBRT for RCC metastases among 115 patients with 181 mets, primarily of the spine, other bone, and lung. Local control at 2 years was an impressive 83%. Less uplifting was overall survival at 2 years, which clocked in at 47%. Interestingly, in this series, neither fractionation nor lesion characteristics significantly influenced local control. However, KPS <80 and presence of bone mets were big determinants of poor survival such that those with a good performance status without bone mets achieved a 2-year survival rate of 68%. TBL: SBRT is an effective means of achieving local control even for RCC mets. | Singh, J Radiosurg SBRT 2020


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