Debio downer.

Downing recurrence rates, that is. Cisplatin and radiation is firmly cemented as the current standard of care for locally advanced head and neck cancer, but an important mechanism of resistance remains evasion of apoptosis. Enter Debio 1143, a small molecule IAP-inhibitor that sensitizes cancer cells to chemo and radiation and gained FDA approval after abstract reporting of GORTEC 2015-03. We now have the full pub with more deets. Among the nearly 100 enrollees, around three-quarters were N2+, 58% had an oropharyngeal primary, and <10% were HPV+ likely due to an inclusion criterion of >10 pack-years. The primary endpoint of locoregional control was significantly improved from 33 → 54% at 18 months with the addition of Debio 1143 to standard chemoradiation, with no increase in overall rate of grade 3+ toxicity. TBL: For the first time in decades, a novel therapy has improved upon the outcomes achieved with radiation concurrent with cisplatin for locally-advanced head and neck cancer. | Sun, Lancet Oncol 2020


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