Positive progress.

Here’s a great article on how and why today’s proton treatments aren’t your grandparents’ proton treatments. One big advancement is “miniaturization” of the necessary technology by as much as 40%, largely by way of superconducting magnet cyclotrons. While we’re still talking proton machines bigger than a chip, we’re well on our way to achieving far-out tech that would allow proton treatments to be delivered in standard-sized linac vaults. Other intriguing work includes adaptations of real-time surface cameras or even MRI-guided motion monitoring platforms, the use of post-treatment PET imaging and gamma cameras to capture exact locations of high-dose deliveries, and a resurrection of MLCs for proton beam shaping with novel materials that greatly limit neutron production. TBL: The bar for data indicating a benefit with proton treatment across various cancer sites will be significantly lowered when the feasibility and affordability of such treatment are lowered in tow with exciting advancements underway in the tech world. | Mehta, ITN 2020


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