Lowering failure rates.

Premature ovarian failure is a big risk with chemo administration in younger women. While oocyte cryopreservation can preemptively aid future fertility efforts, did you know ovarian suppression with long established GnRH agonists concurrent with chemo can purportedly blunt its effects on ovarian suppression itself? This updated and expanded meta-analysis includes 873 premenopausal women on 5 prospective trials receiving chemo for breast cancer all randomized to +/- concurrent ovarian suppression. The rate of subsequent premature ovarian insufficiency was halved with ovarian suppression from 31% → 14%, and post-chemo pregnancies were doubled from 5% → 10%. As expected, there were no differences in disease outcomes or survival. TBL: The GnRH agonists we all know, if not love, may prove to substantially reduce the risk of chemo-induced premature ovarian failure. | Lambertini, J Clin Oncol 2020


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