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The convenience of hypofractionation is looking to expand to soft tissue sarcoma. Here’s a look back at how 16 patients at a single institution fared with 5 fractions of pre-op radiation. Most received a total of 30Gy with a range of 27.5 to 40 Gy. All received surgery within 7 days of radiation completion with the majority going to the OR the day following their last treatment. This means the median time from learning biopsy results to completion of all therapy was just shy of 3 weeks—a victory in itself. Of primary concern with any pre-op regimen is rate of wound complication, which occurred in 31% with 19% requiring a trip back to the OR. Compare that to the landmark O’Sullivan trial where those rates were 35% and 16%. TBL: Hypofractionated pre-op radiation for soft tissue sarcoma appears safe and slashes the time from diagnosis to completion of therapy by nearly 3 months. | Parsai, Adv Radiat Oncol 2020


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