A gladder bladder.

Sure the heart has sub-volumes, but what about the rectum and bladder? This study compares how well dosimetry of rectal and bladder sub-volumes predict toxicity compared to whole-organ dosimetry during prostate radiation. No rectal subvolume was any better than whole-organ dosimetry at predicting rectal bleeding. However, three vesico-urethral sub-volumes were better predictors of toxicity than the whole bladder. Because contouring numerous sub-volumes for the bladder isn’t what we’d call feasible, the authors emphasized attempts to constrain both mid-range and high doses to the posterior bladder. TBL: Sub-volumes of the bladder may be better dosimetric predictors of bladder toxicity from prostate radiation than whole-bladder dosimetry. | Mylona, Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2020


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