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E for everyone.

I spy a popular surrogate.


Carrying a BRCA mutation.

Cut to the chase.

The low down on keeping it down.

Flipped on its head.

In a Russia.

WHO dunnit.

When all you have is a hammer.

Get what you pay for.

Tella good.

Keep it simple, stupid.




No lobe, no problem.

It’s great to ablate.

Full thickness.

Seven levels of hell.

X-out COVID-19.

Too targeted.

Please, sir, I want some more.

Cold natured.

Just can’t wait to be queen.

A gladder bladder.

Coming up short.

Worth a try.

Low and slow.

Planned? Don’t talk about—planned?!


Self care.


Just give it.

Book smart.

Spleen in.

A smart approach.

Another little piece of the heart.

Pardon our progress.

Catch me outside.

CME credit.