Eeeeh 2108.

Ouch. We were really anticipating the results of ECOG E2108 where women with de novo stage IV breast cancer and stable or responsive disease after chemo were randomized to +/- locoregional therapy. Our predictions were off on this one, though. The results presented in abstract form showed a difference in neither overall nor progression-free survival at 3 years. Locoregional treatment did lower locoregional failure from 26% to 10%—well, thank goodness for that—but there was a detriment to quality of life at the 18 month time point (not at 6 or 30 months, though). We’ll want to read the full publication to dive into details on this one, but it’s important to keep in mind this wasn’t a pure oligometastatic trial. TBL: We steered you wrong if you bet that locoregional therapy for women with stage IV breast cancer improves survival, but it could very well be due to lack of patient selection. | Khan, ASCO 2020


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