The ADAURA trial is making waves as the first large study to report outcomes (in abstract form) with adjuvant targeted therapy for resected non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). 682 patients with resected stage IB-IIIA EGFR-mutated lung adeno receiving adjuvant chemo per physician preference were randomized to the addition of the oral 3rd-gen EGFR-TKI osimertinib versus placebo daily for up to 3 years. In a big pay day, the primary endpoint of disease-free survival was transformed from 53 → 89% at 2 years. In other good news, the overall survival analysis is far, far from mature with only 29 deaths to date. TBL: The face of adjuvant therapy for resected NSCLC has changed with the addition of the targeted therapy osimertinib proving to dramatically extend life without recurrence. | Herbst, ASCO 2020


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