In 2020, we can address global pandemics with hashtags. Last weekend a live online international journal club was held via Twitter to brainstorm approaches to preserve radiation oncology care throughout current conditions. Contributions from 116 participants around the globe were synthesized, and three key concerns emerged: minimizing transmission, triaging resources, and treating patients with infection. Again, the consensus is transitioning to virtual patient interactions as much as possible, and they even crowd-sourced an aid to ensure all pertinent points are covered. There is also recognition that the risk / benefit ratio of treatment shifts amidst a pandemic—where certain cases (eh hm, Table 2) may call for extreme hypofractionation or delay in treatment start. This also achieves the dual purpose of preparing for potential staff shortages. “Rationing” patient contact, and thereby necessary PPE, was also stressed. TBL: Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. | Simcock, Clin Transl Radiat Oncol 2020


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