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Codel does well.


Rules of engagement.

Hot trend.

Same old song and dance.

Down under investigation.

Brachy beat down.

With great funding.

Keepin’ it real.

Image guidance guidance.

Late resolution.

The particle is always heavier on the other side.

Fossa fuel.

One age fits one.

Now you see it.


Big risks comes in big packages.

Hold fast.

Sun’s out guns out.

Safe on first.

Zero help.

Present the facts.

If you look hard enough.

Constellations of family history.

Double cross.

Don’t cry over spilled milk.

Bank roll enrollment.

Easy out.


Back-up plan.

Sufficient data.

Plugged in.

Inside job.

Free work forces.

Get in the groove.

You can put it on their tab.

Pembro, bro.

All together now.

Look to me in my eyeball.

Join the uncomfortable space.

A tale of two treatments.

Achilles heel.

Time is money.

Happy Birthday Marie Curie!

No question left answered.

Epic fail.

“Non”alcoholic fatty liver.


Adult supervision encouraged.


The big leagues.


Don’t be jealous.

A perfect 10.

South of the equator.