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Every year, radiology residents across the country travel to Chicago, or Tuscon for the golfers, to take their ABR board exams. Why do our colleagues who needn’t leave their desk at their day jobs need to travel across the country to take a computer-based test? Three words: screen quality assurance. Radiologists understand the critical impact of screen quality on the ability to pick up minor discrepancies with potentially major consequences. If such “medical grade” electronic displays demand hundreds of thousands of travel dollars to ensure a fair test, perhaps radiation oncologists should look into screen upgrades for planning the delivery of high-dose radiation. This report clearly shows, with remarkable (if not surprising) consistency, both physicians and dosimetrists strongly prefer the resolution, contrast and sharpness of medical grade over commercial grade displays when participating in radiation planning. TBL: If the delivery of a radiation treatment requires 6 feet of lead and concrete shielding, it probably deserves medical grade displays during treatment planning. | Robinson, Med Dosim 2019


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