One small step for man, one [...] giant leap for mankind.

The first patient has been treated with FLASH-RT. If you don’t know what FLASH-RT is by now, catch up. FLASH-RT delivers standard radiation at 100 Gy per second and could potentially result in significant therapeutic gain. Here we have a report of the first human (we think) treated with FLASH-RT. The patient had cutaneous T-cell lymphoma with painful progressive skin lesions and poor tolerance to prior courses of radiation. The patient received 15 Gy in a single fraction delivered over 90 milliseconds to a 3.5 cm skin tumor. The patient had only grade 1 skin changes at 3 weeks and a durable complete response at 5 months. The only remaining question is: what is the monitor-unit sound at the treatment console when this is delivered? Do you just get a beep? A massive cluster of beeps? A thunder clap?  TBL: The first human patient has been safely treated with FLASH-RT.  | Bourhis, Radiother Oncol 2019


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