Generation CRC.

Everything happens for a reason. So, what’s the reason rates of colorectal cancer (CRC) are rising among Americans under 50? Just like a previous SEER analysis, this NCDB study demonstrates a significant shift in CRC demographics. Enough to drop the average age of diagnosis by a couple of years. In fact, 10-15% of all diagnoses are now in people under 50. And as noted before, this rise likely isn’t related to increased screening because these patients are generally [1] not screening eligible and [2] have more advanced disease at diagnosis. While the trends appear similar in men and women, the starkest rise is among white populations. In fact, none of the populations or geographic patterns affected are those where we’d expect to see healthcare disparities at play. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a good reason for this dramatic shift, but pressure is mounting to translate these findings to screening recommendations. TBL: The rate of colorectal cancer is rising among white people under 50 who are presenting with more advanced disease. | Virostko, Cancer 2019


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