Flora arrangements.

Forget fecal transplants. Instead, explore the power of sharing vaginal flora. This Western European case-control study of 580 women demonstrates women with ovarian cancer, when compared to healthy counterparts, have significantly higher odds (OR 2.8) of harboring cervicovaginal microbiota comprising <50% lactobacilli species. As do women with germline BRCA-mutations (OR 2.8). The strongest odds were seen in younger women <40 years old with either ovarian cancer or BRCA-mutations (OR 7.0). Why did they look at lactobacilli species? Because they are essential for maintaining a low vaginal pH protective against many pathologic flora. Our next pro investing tip: lactobacilli vaginal suppositories. TBL: Just like in other sites, manipulation of gynecologic flora may work to prevent ovarian cancer. | NenĂ©, Lancet Oncol 2019


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