Ever wonder if med oncs want help in offering palliative care and transitioning patients to hospice? A group of researchers from Northwestern asked them. Using focus groups and qualitative research methods, recurring themes were identified including medical oncologists’ lack of trust in radiation oncologists’ abilities to prognosticate and counsel patients. When posed with prior data that rad oncs may not counsel their patients in this regard due to a fear of losing referrals, the med oncs basically agreed that, well, that’s how it should be. As put by one: "I think they should be scared of the medical oncologist." Don’t take our word for it, check out table 5 for quotes. This should not only alert rad oncs to (perceived) deficiencies in their training and skill sets, but also that med oncs may actually hold referrals if rad oncs engage palliative care. Even though it's literally in their guidelines as something they should have already done. We’re scared. | Gross, Pract Radiat Oncol 2019


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