Original gangster.

Last year, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) dropped a report saying that basically everyone was charging for CT simulations for IMRT when the charges should have been “bundled” with the IMRT planning service. As a result, local Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) contractors are actively taking back lots of dollars from radiation oncology centers across the country. Now, the OIG has gone OG in a new report saying that Medicare could've saved hundreds of millions of dollars over the past decade if they would’ve bundled simulation and other services with the planning code for 3D-conformal techniques, as well. Those italices are important because what this report is really outlining are potential savings to CMS if the IMRT bundle requirements bleed over to 3D-conformal. Although we’re good for now, it's becoming increasingly obvious that the OIG and CMS are placing increasing scrutiny on rad onc services (as in no deals and no G’s). ASTRO has our back on this one and plans to work with the OIG for further clarification. TBL: Be on the lookout for aloof CMS regulations bundling many treatment planning services within the code for 3D-conformal treatment planning. | Office of Inspector General 2019


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