How the lutefisk is made.

It can be tricky to adapt your practice to the various hypofractionated prostate trials and expect the same results because treatment approaches can be very different. Here’s how HYPO-RT-PC did it. Luckily, planning was essentially the same in both arms. Gold fiducial markers were used in almost everyone. Prostate MRI was encouraged, but not mandatory. The CTV consisted of the prostate (no seminal vesicles), which had to receive a minimum dose of 95% of prescription. A 7 mm isotropic expansion of CTV created the PTV, which had to receive a minimum dose of 90% and max of 105%. Importantly, the rectum contour included the anus and extended at least 5 cm cranial to the midplane of the prostate. Rectum constraints were: V90% ≤ 15%, V75% ≤ 35%, and V65% ≤ 45%. TBL: Honestly, sorry but until stereotactic CPT codes allow for more than 5 fractions, this exact regimen won’t take off in the US. | HYPO-RT-PC 2019


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