Helsinki Accords.

This Finish retrospective look at 130 patients with lung mets from soft tissue sarcoma treated at a single center in Helsinki asks if resecting lung mets makes sense. Of these, 56 (43%) were observed, 55 (42%) underwent a complete lung met resection, and the other 19 (15%) underwent an incomplete resection. “Incomplete” resection was primarily due to more disease being discovered upon open thoracotomy, the most common surgical approach. Median survival was 8 months with chemo alone, 18 months with incomplete resection, and 22 months with complete resection. Most promising was a disease-free survival rate at 5 years of 17% among those undergoing complete resection. TBL: Notwithstanding the obvious selection bias in a retrospective study, patients with soft tissue sarcoma metastatic to the lung who are medically and anatomically amenable to surgical resection have a decent chance of remaining disease-free at 5 years. | Nevala, J Surg Oncol 2019


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