Go anti-mucositis.

With probiotics. This Chinese prospective randomized trial treated 99 patients with locally-advanced nasopharyngeal cancer with standard definitive chemoradiation to 70 Gy / 32 using IMRT techniques with concurrent cisplatin q3 weeks with a 2:1 randomization of probiotics (n=64) versus placebo (n=35). The probiotics were packed into three capsules taken twice daily and included your friendly bacteria Lactobacillus lactis and Enterococcus faecium among others. The thought was that colonization with a healthy microbiota would help arm patients with waning immune systems against mucosal colonizations of unhealthy pathogens. The primary endpoint of grade ≥3 oral mucositis was prospectively captured in a double-blinded manner and was recorded in 16% of patients receiving probiotics versus 46% receiving placebo. Exploratory serum and stool testing confirmed that receipt of probiotics diminished reductions in healthy T-cell populations and helped restore healthy intestinal diversity. TBL: The addition of oral probiotics to definitive chemoradiation for nasopharyngeal cancer significantly ameliorates risk of high-grade oral mucositis. | Jiang, Cancer 2018


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