Fortune tellers.

When global companies were surveyed on which technologies they felt could wield the biggest influence on the 2019 healthcare economy, the unsurprising winner was big data. When cross-checked with the biggest recognized challenges in each healthcare sector, though, more granular projections emerged. While artificial intelligence (AI) hasn’t panned out in some healthcare settings, the more than 100 AI-startups in the diagnostic radiology space promise to make life easier for the burned-out radiologist—while ushering in a $1 billion market by 2022. Other headliners include augmented reality devices in the operating room as cost-saving mechanisms to decrease time and error rates, wearables and app-based health monitoring integration into clinical trial data management and private health insurance rewards programs, and using the notorious blockchain technology as a launchpad for more a universal electronic medical record. TBL: If your day job is getting you down, diversify your lifelong investment in medicine by reading up on emerging digital health markets. | Das, Forbes 2019


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