Model citizen.

If your eyes glaze over everytime someone mentions reimbursement models, it may not have sunk in yet that payment paradigms within the field of oncology are drastically changing. Even so, try to fix your eyes on this educational editorial. Because the oncology care model (OCM) is real, and it’s getting ready to directly impact a paycheck near you. At its core, the OCM creates a 6-month “episode” of fee-for-service reimbursements that—to the chagrin on non-medical oncologists everywhere—is triggered with and only with the receipt of chemotherapy. Total episode reimbursements are then retroactively penalized or rewarded based on “target” costs. This optimistic take on the OCM commends what is interestingly coined as a healthy balance between physician autonomy and accountability. The only question remaining is whether this author will be allowed to publish another OCM commercial under MSKCC’s new conflict of interest policy. TBL: For better or worse, the OCM is here to stay in one form or another so it's a good time to advocate for what you feel is the best possible iteration. | Aviki, JAMA Oncol 2018


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