Take advantage.

Medicare is basic, and we mean that as more than an insult. It’s fee-for-service and doesn’t cover any supplemental care like prescription drugs or general health incentives. Most notably, it places virtually no limits on where or how enrollees meet cost maximums...nor limits on out-of-pocket expenses once the arbitrary service-max is met. Simply put, it lets kids loose in a candy store and blames them when they get a stomachache. So take advantage of this comprehensive review on Medicare Advantage plans, which mirror private plans to be pretty much the antithesis to the features listed above. Plus they offer excellent coverage options for anyone unable to swing the hefty premiums of other private supplemental insurers. TBL: Does anyone else feel like they need a health insurance advisor as much as a financial advisor when preparing for retirement? | Neuman, N Engl J Med 2018


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