Think FAST.

When real life throws you biologically effective dose (BED) anomalies, reassign BED values. 10 year cosmetic outcomes of the UK FAST trial demonstrate similarly low rates of poor cosmesis following breast radiation delivered as either 2 Gy x 25 daily fractions or 5.7 x 5 weekly fractions but slightly higher rates when delivered as 6 Gy x 5 weekly fractions, all apparently mathematically translating to a new breast tissue
αβ assignment of 2.4. This is all good news for patient looks and convenience—the only real losers here are residents left confused AF about traditional BED theory. 
Brunt, ASTRO 2018


  1. That you're not a huge BED fan is obvious, and I have no problem with that. However, at least get your terminology correct. It's Biologically EFFECTIVE Dose, not Equivalent. BEDs aren't "equivalent" to anything. Also, BEDs have units: Gy with a subscript corresponding to the assumed alpha-beta ratio of the tissue at risk.

    Alas, it sounds like you are among the ones confused AF about traditional BED theory!

    1. Dr. Zeman, thank you for your correction! Rad bio instruction in action. We apologize for the slip-up and have corrected it in our archives.


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