Shake up.

Retrospective data indicate that use of NSAIDs (including aspirin) following a diagnosis of ovarian cancer slash ovarian cancer-specific mortality. To shake up what was already standing on shaky ground, a different look at the same cohort describes an increase in the risk of developing ovarian cancer with the use of non-aspirin NSAIDs (HR 1.19). But it also reports a decrease in risk with the use of low-dose (≤100 mg daily)—but not higher-dose (325 mg daily)—aspirin (HR 0.77). Guess the good news is if you develop ovarian cancer due to NSAIDs, you can keep taking them to liver longer. Wait, what? TBL: When you fish for significant results in a big retrospective pond, you’re going to catch them randomly and without reproducibility. | Barnard, JAMA Oncol 2018


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