A SAbR sequel.

Headline: Radiating oligomets is saving lives.
The Study: We know, this news is so yesterday. But today we bring you results of a phase 2 trial including more patients (n=99), more primary sites (any), and more mets (up to 5). The only notable inclusion criteria was a lack of progression at least 3 months following first-line systemic therapy. In this trial, patients were randomized +/- to consolidative stereotactic ablative radiation (SAbR, aka SBRT) with standardized doses across anatomic sites. Importantly, coverage of the target volume was compromised to never exceed normal tissue tolerance. Median overall survival (OS) was improved from 28 to 41 months (p=0.09 with the phase 2 two-sided 𝝰 threshold set at <0.2), and OS rate at 5 years was almost doubled from 24 to 46%. We don’t know about you, but we’re suffering dry mouth from all these jaw dropping results.
Bottom Line: This trial provides this best evidence to date for consolidative treatment of oligometastatic disease in patients who do well with upfront systemic therapy┅and to be clear, the treatment is SBRT. | Palma, ASTRO 2018


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