Too much too late.

We’ve talked a lot about the potential benefits of daily aspirin, but it falls short of miraculous. This pragmatic pub asked how many patients dying of lung cancer remain on preventative meds (think simvastatin or clopidogrel) upon a hospital discharge within 6 months of death. The verdict: pretty much all of them. The mean number of preventative meds from admission ⇢ discharge went from 1.9 ⇢ 1.7 among 125 patients in the UK and 2.6 ⇢ 1.9 among 191 patients in the US. And these piddly decreases were surpassed by the increases in new prescriptions such that, on average, these patients were leaving on more meds than when they came in. | Todd, Br J Clin Pharmacol 2018


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