She got cerved.

Aggressive oligometastatic treatment paradigms are pervading more and more cancer sites. The latest report out of Memphis stems from an NCDB analysis of patients with metastatic cervical cancer coded as receiving either chemotherapy alone or chemo with pelvic radiation +/- brachytherapy. To no real surprise, the patients receiving the addition of radiation had a longer median overall survival (14 months) versus those getting only chemo (11 months). Median survival was even higher if patients received at least 45 Gy (19 months) and especially with the addition of a brachy boost (28 months). But real talk: If you were going to take a woman with metastatic cervical cancer to the OR for brachy, what kind of mets would she have? Probably the best kind. TBL: Notwithstanding our aversion to measuring clinical outcomes with something like the NCDB, there is probably a rationale for prospectively assessing the benefit of treating women with good performance statuses and low-volume metastatic cervical cancer with more definitive treatment. | Wang, JAMA Oncol 2018


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