Keep CALM and carry on.

CALM is a supportive psychotherapy intervention conducted by specially trained social workers that helps advanced cancer patients address common problems that lead to depression. In the CALM trial, over 300 patients with advanced cancer, but a prognosis >1 year, were randomized to CALM or usual care. At baseline, roughly 40% of patients had qualifying symptoms of depression. CALM sessions were done roughly once per month with a goal of 3-6 sessions. The intervention was effective in two important aspects: there was remission of depressive symptoms at 3 months and a significantly lower rate of new depressive symptoms at 6 months. CALM participants also had a host of other beneficial psychosocial outcomes including less distress, better well-being, and better end-of-life preparation. TBL: CALM is a drug-free intervention administered by trained social workers that results in significant improvements in depressive symptoms and overall well-being among patients with advanced cancer. | Roddin, J Clin Oncol 2018


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