This is thymus.

Did you know the thymus has NCCN guidelines all of its own? In a nutshell, the algorithm forks hard at surgery for cure or platinum-based chemo for palliation. In this Korean phase 2 study, 33 patients with thymoma (n=7) or thymic carcinoma (n=26) failing platinum-based chemo received none other than pembrolizumab 200 mg q3 weeks until progression. The authors conclude “encouraging” activity since 5 patients achieved a partial response. Less encouraging was the equal rate of highly-toxic (read: grade 4) activity, including one G4 hepatitis, one G4 myasthenia gravis and three cases of G4 myocarditis. TBL:The thymus presents unique challenges in the era of immunotherapy. | Cho, J Clin Oncol 2018


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