Monaleesa smile.

Both palbociclib (PALOMA) and abemaciclib (MONARCH) combined with fulvestrant improve progression free survival in estrogen receptor (ER)-positive, HER2(-) breast cancer. Similarly, in MONALEESA-3, fulvestrant +/- ribociclib was tested in the first-line setting for women with de novo or late recurrent metastatic ER(+), HER2(-) breast cancer. In case you’re feeling de ja vu, MONALEESA-2 was basically the same trial with letrozole instead of fulvestrant. Anyway, the addition of ribociclib to fulvestrant improved median progression free survival from 13 to 21 months, while also increasing toxicity. TBL: Add the combo of ribociclib and fulvestrant to the long list of chemo-free front-line treatment options for metastatic ER(+), HER2(-) breast cancer. | Slamon, J Clin Oncol 2018


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